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unique Popcorn / ice cream favors.  los angeles - San jose - san diego- Las Vegas


Nitro Pop, like many startups, began with a simple idea. Jason Shah was watching the Food Network after a long day at work and noticed how nitrogen could be used in cooking. An experiment in the kitchen led to a new discovery and Nitro Pop was born in 2013. Jason is the Founder of Uncle Pops and is the inventor of Nitro Pop.

Our Story

Eliseo Epifar (Eli)


We’re a team of popcorn innovators bringing new technology to a timeless treat, and it’s that blend of forward-thinking creativity with a passion for traditions that’ll shine in our presence.

Nitro Pop was created in 2013 by the next generation of popcorn,  Uncle Pops. Nitro Pop has a special recipe that includes customized popcorn and liquid nitrogen that produces a taste and texture unlike anything you've ever experienced. By bringing it to events, we share our creation with others in a way that makes fun lasting memories with everybody. Our mission is to remind everybody to remember that the simple things in life bring the greatest joy. For more about Uncle Pops visit www.uncle-pops.com.

Kelly is an expert in communications and all sales with clients. She has been a part of the Nitro Pop team since the beginning. Kelly is also a new mom and enjoys spending time with her daughter.

Jessica Castro



Eli has been with Uncle Pops and Nitro Pop since 2015. He is specialties are in training and operations and also a master nitro poptender.  Eliseo has expert knowledge in all aspects of Nitro Pop including the popcorn making process.  

Kelly Shiroma

Director of Sales

Jessica has served Nitro Pop at dozens of events and helps manage the team on site. She is devoted to service and quality and loves being at the events.  Jessica has a background in teaching and is great at engaging kids at Nitro Pop events.

Jason Shah

Director of Sales and Operations/ Founder