Catering Service Includes:  

Setup, Ice Cream, Nitrogen, Serving Containers, Nitro Pop Employees

We will make and serve the ice cream at your event. Setup time is  45 minutes to 60 minutes before the serving start time, serving time is 1 to 6 hours, breakdown is 30 to 60 minutes, 

Table and Linen/ Bar provided by the client or

Nitro Pop Cart is an additional $50 


Be sure to Include the following information so we can give you a detailed quote.

1. Location of Event

​2. Number of Servings

3. Length of Serving Time

​4. Date of Event (TENTATIVE DATES ARE OK) 

 5. Ice Cream or Nitro Pop?

Nitrogen Popcorn or Ice Cream

Desserts - starting at $799

Los Angeles Popcorn / Dessert Catering - 

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3. We Cater your event!

NITRO Ice Cream 

For Business $3,500 - $30,000

  • 1000 to 15,000 servings
  • Flash Frozen Ice Cream for your guest to see
    • ​French Vanilla, Cake Batter, Butter Pecan, New York Cheesecake 
  • Clear 5oz Container -
  • serving time 4 hours  - not including setup ime
  • tables and serving area provided by you
  • ​Client to Provide Table or Seetup
  • Custom Branded Cups, and Nitrogen themed acting/entertainment
  • Vegan Ice Cream Available 

nitro Clouds

NITRO Clouds - $849 

It's like Dippin Dots Made live at your party or event

  • 30 to 150 servings
  • Cloud-Like Nitro Ice Cream similar to Dippin Dots (Pick 2 Below)
    • ​Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cotton Candy,
    • Mint Chocolate
  • Clear 5oz Container 
  • serving time 2 hours  - not including setup time
  • tables and serving area provided by you
  • ​Cart is $100 additional
  • Topping Bar $50 additional , fudge, caramel, oreo, sprinkles 
  • Vegan Ice Cream available $100 additional

request  a quote 


  • 50% deposit required to reserve the date
  • cancelation fee of 15% is due for cancelations within 2 weeks of the event date
  • booking should be made a minimum of 3 business days prior to the event 
  • tables and serving area provided by you, unless agreed up otherwise
  • no electrical or plumbing required ( in most cases) 
  • adequate lighting and circulation required at the event space
  • shade is required for outdoor events
  • for additional servings applied on the day event standard rate is $6 per serving
  • Additional Insured available upon request


Nitro Clouds - It's Like Dippin Dots - Consider this for kids parties or festive events.

Nitro Ice Cream is Like Cold Stone - Great for weddings and/or more traditional events

NITRO Ice Cream - $829

  • 30 to 150 servings
  • Flash Frozen Ice Cream ( Pick 2 Below) Tastes Like ColdStone!
    • ​ Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Chococlate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies N Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip  
  • Clear 5oz Tumblers ( 1 scoop)  
  • serving time 2 hours  - not including setup time
  • tables and serving area provided by you
  • ​Cart is $100 additional
  • Topping Bar $50 additional , fudge, caramel sauce , sprinkles, oreo
  • Vegan Ice Cream available $100 additional

nitro ice cream 



unique Popcorn & ice cream favors.

 los angeles - ORANGE COUNTY - san diego- Las Vegas

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Nitro Pop Cart 

Is Nitro Pop Safe?

Absolutely. Nitro Pop is popcorn that is deep frozen.  It is served at a temperature similar to ice cream. All of the ingredients used are safe to eat.

How Long does it stay cold?

Similar to ice cream Nitro Pop warms up fairly quickly.  You can expect it will stay smoky and cold for a couple minutes.

How long is your setup?

Average Setup time is about 45 minutes but will vary based on ease of parking and loading area at each venue    


Price based on:

  • number of servings - servings 0 to 8000- volume discount applies
  • number of flavors - 
  • location of your event - service areas Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas
  • type of serving container - tumblers, plastic martini glasses, cones
  • serving time length - typically 1 to 6 hours of serve time
  • Ice cream and toppings